vRA 6.2 : You cannot delete this endpoint because # compute resources and # storage paths use it

kb2105809 article describes it as a known issue affecting vRealize Automation 5.x and 6.x. but it’s not yet resolved.

I will not copy workaround, just read kb2105809 and perform all steps listed there. In a nutshell: execute usp_RemoveInactiveHosts procedure against VCAC database:

exec usp_RemoveInactiveHosts
exec usp_RemoveInactiveHosts @DeleteFromDB = 1

In my case i still couldn’t delete the endpoint after executing that procedure so below you can find additional resolution:

Removing the tick box beside the compute resource its not enough. What you need to do is  removing compute resource from the fabric group on the MSSQL level running query on VCAC database:

select * from [dbo].[Host] where HostName=’NameOfComputeResource’

 and then

delete from [dbo].[Host] where HostName=’NameOfComputeResource’

 If needed disable check contstraint:

alter table [dbo].[Host] nocheck constraint ‘NameOfConstraint’

Delete all compute resource that use your Endpoint.

After that compute resources will disappear from Fabric group, then execute usp_RemoveInactiveHosts procedure again.

and once again to be sure:

And finally you are able to delete Endpoint.