Openshift Container Platform 3 – Apply quotas and limit ranges to project

As a system:admin user on master host:

  1. Create a project


2. On the master host, create quota definition file – let’s save it as ‘quota5.json’

3. Apply the file to specify the quota


4. Verify that the quota exists:


5. Verify the limits


We  can check the limits in the web console as well.

6. To apply limit ranges, create limits5.json file

7. Apply the limits5.json file to specify the limits.


8. Review the limit ranges


9. Create POD definition file- lets called it pod5.json file

10. Create pod using pod5.json file


11.View the POD’s details:


12. And that’s it. Because we defined the quota with a POD value of 1, it’s not possible to create more PODS than 1.