VCF on VxRail 4.0. Part#1- VxRail cluster upgrade.

Before we start with VCF 4.0 on VxRail 7.0 installation, if not yet done, we need to upgrade our VxRail cluster to version 7.0.x. In this blog post we will upgrade from version 4.7.300. But before start, please read carefully ‘VxRail Software Upgrade Procedures’ available in SolVe Online, allowing users to generate specific step-by-step procedures for Dell EMC products.

One of the prerequisite is to run VxVerify tool. This tool is designed specifically to detect issues which could cause complications or failures during VxRail LCM upgrades. It unpacks a Python program, which is sent to each ESXi node and that runs through a list of host checks, such as checking iDRAC information and reviewing the vSAN health-check for each node. More details here.

Ok so let’s start. My current VxRail system versions:

Because the bundle is larger than the available space on /data/store2 partition on VxRail Manager vm (releases prior to v4.7.301 ), we need to add 30GB of additional space using script to perform an upgrade to v7.0.

So download the script from, copy it to VxRail Manager vm and run:

python -c 'VCSA_IP' -u administrator@vsphere.local -p 'SomePassw0rd1!'

You can add the -s to skip taking snapshot, but it’s not recommended. So if -s is not provided, the script will take a snapshot of the VxRail Manager VM automatically.

Few minutes later it should be done:

After the disk space expansion has completed, run the ā€œdf -Thā€ command to verify the /data/store2 has been extended. It should be approximately 41G.

Next take a snapshot of rest of vms: VCSA, PSC, and optionally vRLI and ESRS.

And the last part: upgrade from v4.7.30x/4xx to v7.0.000 can be done using Local Updates option only. So go to VxRail Cluster > Configure > VxRail > Updates and select ‘Local Updates’. Browse for bundle:

Extraction and pre-checking will begin automatically:

List of all components changed by this update:

When extraction is done, click ‘Continue Update’ and select ‘Update Now’ to update VxRail now or ‘Schedule Update’ to do that later. Click ‘Next’.

Provide required information: account’s names and passwords and what most important set ‘Temporary IP settings’ for target VCSA ( a temporary IP address must be on the same subnet – not required if using external vCenter).

In the Summary page ‘Minimum Estimated Time’ shows how long can the upgrade process takes. As you see in the screen below it’s 7hrs. But don’t panic. It took around 3hrs. So click ‘Finish’ and…take a break šŸ™‚

And pretty much that’s it. As you can see all went smooth and easy – just few clicks šŸ™‚

In part#2 i will show you VCF 4.0 installation process.

If you have any questions feel free to ping me:)