Month: September 2020

VCF 4.0 on VxRail 7.0.000 – initial cluster configuration and deployment with Ansible

A few weeks ago VxRail 7.0.10 was released and one of the many new features is that provides enhanced workflows and an API to support automation of initial cluster configuration and deployment. There is a great Dell EMC VxRail RESTful API Cookbook and it provides sample VxRail RESTful API workflows. You can find there even […]

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VCF 4.0.1 – Cloud Builder deployment with Ansible

As we all know, lazy sysadmin is the best sysadmin so even few clicks may cause you feel exhausted. That’s why I wrote Ansible role to automate VCF Cloud Builder deployment using ‘vmware_deploy_ovf’ module. Of course some OVA property keys were needed, but they can be found under ProductSection in OVF descriptor. This ansible role is for […]

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