VCF 4.0 – Reset VMware Cloud Builder

If your VCF bring-up process ended with some failures “Bring-up has completed with failure…” or when you’re trying to run deploy once again and you are getting “Bringup already exists” message or even if you want to re-use existing VMware Cloud Builder to go through the VMware Cloud Foundation bring-up process multiple times (and you didn’t take a snapshot of cloud builder vm before), you need to reset VMware Cloud Builder.

1. SSH to VMware Cloud Builder appliance and connect to the postgres database:

sudo psql -U postgres -d bringup -h localhost

2. Delete the ‘execution’ and ‘Resource’ tables by executing the psql commands:

delete from execution;
delete from "Resource";

3. And that’s it. Just refresh the browser and you will be returned to the checklist window.