SDDC Manager

VCF 5.x – how to modify the input values of failed task in SDDC Manager

In VCF 5.x, the endpoint for modifying the input values of failed tasks in SDDC Manager is hidden/disabled by default for security purposes. NOTE: For security reasons It shouldn’t be unhidden and if you need it on your prod environment,please contact GSS In VCF 4.x this functionality it’s enabled and in one of my previous […]

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SDDC Manager and VCF 2.3.1 – subtask status change in Zookeeper.

 Today i will focus on steps that should be taken to skip failed task and restart workflow in SDDC Manager on VxRack to complete it with SUCCESS. Next post will be dedicated to show how resolve an issue with ‘Configure new vCenters and ESXi hosts from workload domain in vRLI’ subtask. I encountered an issue […]

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SDDC Manager – You do not have privileges to login to the system

When you try logged in to SDDC manager using proper credentials you can find message “You do not have proper privileges…” and you can get some delays in SSH connection until you get logged in. Restart of SDDC Manager Web Service is not working: ‘systemctl‘ and ‘shutdown -h now‘ don’t work as well. But we […]

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