QUICK TIP: Obtaining RAID Controller firmware and driver version on an ESXi host

First run this command to dump the instance names for all instances in the system: and now just execute the command (replace ‘lsi_mr3-544a842043a54a00/LSI Incorporation’ with the Key Value Instance you received as the output of previous command) : That’s it 🙂 Any questions, comments? Just ping me.

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vSAN Stretched Cluster – cannot change vSAN Witness Host.

This time very short and quick post:) If you see such error message (as below) in vCenter when adding or replacing VMware vSAN 6.7 Witness Appliance, just remember: CHECK YOUR vSAN Witness Appliance VERSION AND BUILD. The witness host must be capable of running the same version of ESXi as vSAN data nodes. 2019-11-08T18:24:31.613Z info […]

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VSAN 6.6.1 – Service vsan-health STOPPED

vSAN Health Check plug-in is not available and displays an error: “The vCenter server is not responding, please check your setup (status code 503)” Starting vsan-health service manually ended with general error: “An error occured while starting service” Group permission on /etc/vmware-vpx/ssl is correct. This issue is not related with Dell OMI in this version of […]

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