VCF 5.0

VCF 5.0 – VCF bring-up with Ansible

This post describes how to perform VCF bringup via Ansible. If you need another VCF related ansible playbooks check rest of my blog posts in here. Backing to VCF bringup, my folder structure is as follow: startVcfBringup.yml playbook /roles/runVcfBringup/defaults/main.yml cloudBuilderRestApiSddcValidate – var for Cloud Builder API used for input specification validation. cloudBuilderRestApiSddcCreate: var for Cloud […]

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VCF 5.0 – how to disable the VMNICS_MIN_SPEED validation during bring-up process

If you want to disable the VMNICS_MIN_SPEED validation during bring-up in you VCF lab (because of error as below) you can just skip the validation process at all. 2023-10-20T16:23:20.023+0000 [bringup,11c0e70c474a8970,5431] DEBUG [c.v.e.s.c.v.util.ResponseUtil,pool-2-thread-19] Build validation response: {“errorCode”:”VMNICS_MIN_SPEED.error”,”arguments”:[“vmnic0″,”reg02-esx02.xxxx.xx”,”1000″],”context”:{“severity”:”ERROR”,”bundleName”:”com.vmware.evo.sddc.common.validation.errors.messages”,”validation.taskId”:”7f000001-8b4d-18c5-818b-4de5a780010f”},”message”:”The speed of vmnic0 on host is 1000 MB/s but must be at least 10 GB/s according to minimum hardware requirements“} […]

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